Logo for Imagine Books. The cloud shape with an “i” inside it is representative of a person having their head in the clouds and the sky being the limit. This is because books can cause a child’s imagination to grow and make them seem to have their head in the clouds.
Three different styles of business cards designs were made:
The first is a traditionally sized and shaped card to easily fit in wallets.
The second is in the same cloud shape as the logo for a more creative and outside the box approach.
Then the third business card is the size of a bookmark to creatively connect with the brand and store.
Tag and sticker label for products sold in the store.
Color-Your-Own Bookmarks
Color-Your-Own Journals
Color-Your-Own Totes and Cups
There are two versions of the advertisements for the bookstore. One version, shows a stick person reading a book and imagining themselves in the story. The viewer can recognize the reader by an article of clothing they share in common with one of the characters. The second version is the same as the first except the thought cloud is blank so that children can draw in a picture out of their own imaginations. The stick people are used to connect with the simple style of drawing children often use.
Homepage of the Imagine Books website shown on an iPad.
Homepage of the Imagine Books website
Shopping page of the Imagine Books website
Educational games page of the Imagine Books website
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